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Imagine helping a student achieve their academic potential. Through mentor2.0, we pair volunteers in one-to-one mentoring relationships with local high school students who share similar backgrounds, experiences, and interests. Mentors become a supportive influence to students as they prepare for high school graduation and post-secondary education.

We are actively seeking volunteers with the following credentials:

      º At least 21 years old
      º College-educated (Associate’s degree or higher)
      º Live or work in the Pittsburgh area
      º Commit to at least two school years

Prospective mentors will have the following responsibilities:

      º Complete application and background checks, enrollment interview, and training
      º Support one mentee for at least two school years, but ideally through high school graduation
      º Exchange weekly, structured online communications with mentee
      º Participate in a two-hour group event one evening per month during the school year at the partnering School(s)
        (approx.. 8 evenings per year); a calendar of dates/times will be provided before the school year begins.

Start the process now!

Visit https://bbbspgh.imentor.org/ and click the orange “Mentor” button.

The concept is simple:

As part of the core academic curriculum in ninth grade, students (“mentees”) are intentionally paired in one-to-one mentoring relationships (“pairs”) with college-educated volunteers (“mentors”).

The partnering School(s) allocates one class period per week for mentees to learn and engage with the research-based program curriculum. The session is facilitated by a Big Brothers Big Sisters program manager.

Once per week, the mentees compose a 3-4 paragraph email to their mentors based on a series of curriculum-based writing prompts. The mentors use a different set of prompts to compose a response.  These exchanges occur over the secure and professionally-monitored iMentor Interactive online platform.

Once per month, the mentees and mentors meet at the School(s) for an in-person “Pair Event.”  The two-hour, evening event is an opportunity for pairs to interact, develop their relationships, and apply the curriculum to real-life scenarios.

The mentees and mentors continue to work together, in-person and online, through high school graduation.

We partner with high schools.

  • Pittsburgh Brashear High School


Why mentor2.0?   

We know that college closes the opportunity gap.

    • By 2018, 63% of jobs will require some college education.

    • College graduates are 4 times more likely to be employed than high school dropouts.

    • Average lifetime earnings are $1.6 million higher with an Associate’s degree and $2.2 million higher with a Bachelor’s degree.

We know that every child deserves a college education – regardless of the challenges they face.

    • On average,470 high school students are assigned to one guidance counselor.

    • Merely 1-in-2 low-income high school graduates will enroll right away in post-secondary education.

    • Only 40% of first generation college students will complete their degree.

    • Just 12% of all students from the bottom income quartile will graduate from college.

We know that mentor2.0 works. 

    • Developed by iMentor in 1999 and continues to serve thousands of students across 19 “Title I” schools in New York City.

    • Low-income and “first generation” students who participate are more likely to graduate high school, enroll in college, persist through college, and ultimately complete a college degree.

    • Top education funders have invested in this strategy, including the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Lumina, Kresge Foundation, and Robin Hood Foundation.

    • Featured by the White House at the 2014 College Opportunity Summit as a promising solution for increasing college success among low-income students.


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