Bigs in Blue & Site-Based Enrollment/Match Support Program Specialist

Position Title: Bigs in Blue & Site-Based Enrollment/Match Support Specialist 

Department: Programs 

Reports to:  mentor2.0 Program Director & Site-Based Program Director 

Exempt Status: Full-time Exempt

Location: East Liberty Office (travel required) 

Supervises: N/A

Schedule: 37.5 hours per week (schedule is flexible, but requires some early morning, evening, and weekend availability) 

Position Summary: The Bigs in Blue & Site-Based Enrollment/Match Specialist is a new and innovative position. This position requires high-level customer service, creativity, and forward thinking.

  • Bigs in Blue Program (BIB) Specialist: Coordinates location-specific one-to-one mentoring programs in schools with law enforcement agencies. This position implements recruitment, enrollment, and matching processes with children (littles) and adults/law enforcement (bigs) to sustain new and/or existing Site-based programs. The position also develops curriculum and activities to implement at BIB locations and provides ongoing support to program participants to cultivate strong, safe, and healthy relationships. Requires travel to local schools, agencies, etc.
  • Site-Based Enrollment/Match Support Position: The Site-based Enrollment & Match Support Specialist coordinates location-specific one-to-one mentoring programs in schools and/or corporations. This position implements recruitment, enrollment, and matching processes with children (mentees) and adults (mentors) to sustain new and/or existing Site-based programs. The position also develops curriculum and activities to implement at Site-based Program locations and provides ongoing support to program participants to cultivate strong, safe, and healthy relationships. Requires travel to local schools and corporations.


Qualifications: EDUCATION – Minimum Bachelor’s degree in social work, social services, education, counseling, or related field. EXPERIENCE – Practical experience assessing, enrolling or interviewing, and/or counseling families or individuals preferred. KNOWLEDGE & SKILLS – Ability to form appropriate assessment-based relationships with children and adults in a multicultural context. TECHNICAL COMPETENCIES – Proficiency in Microsoft Office, including Word, Excel, and Outlook; Excellent written and oral communication skills reflecting strong customer service and marketing. OTHER – Valid driver’s license, reliable vehicle, and vehicle insurance meeting State requirements. FBI, Criminal History and Child Abuse Clearances will be processed.

Key Responsibilities: An effective candidate in this position will… 

  1. ENSURE CHILD SAFETY by effectively utilizing the entire enrollment process to screen children and prospective volunteers; performing safety education with each child; making well-informed decisions with children’s best interests and safety in mind; practicing high-level proficiency in interpreting and applying policies and procedures from Program Manual; and immediately reporting any concerns to supervisor.
  1. MEET CHILD NEEDS by interviewing a target number of children and parents monthly; developing meaningful child outcome objectives based on thorough written assessments; making a target number of matches per month; soliciting information from teachers, counselors, and other relevant service providers when appropriate; and referring children and families outside of the organization for more suitable programs and services.
  1. SCREEN VOLUNTEER CANDIDATES by interviewing a target number of prospective volunteers; reviewing and following up on volunteer references and clearances; compiling all available information on candidates through internet searches and review of BBBS nationwide network (e.g., volunteer history); developing thorough written assessments based on all available information; and making well-informed eligibility determinations.
  1. CREATE SUCCESSFUL RELATIONSHIPS by matching child needs with volunteer abilities; aligning child and volunteer interests and preferences; ensuring that the program is an appropriate “fit” for children and volunteers; and reinforcing the one-year participation commitment.
  2. FACILITATE RELATIONSHIP DEVELOPMENT by seeking approval from parents and volunteers prior to making a match (after providing accurate descriptions of prospective mentee or mentor); arranging and effectively facilitating the first in-person meeting between the child, parent, and volunteer; reviewing match rules with each child, parent, and volunteer; and introducing Match Support Specialist (or providing his/her contact information).
  1. MAINTAIN RELIABLE, ACCESSIBLE RECORDS by accurately and completely entering written assessments and records of correspondences into Agency Information Management (AIM) database; maintaining hard copies of original documents in organized files; and updating consumer records as enrollment stages are completed.
  1. PROMOTE CUSTOMER SATISFACTION by accommodating consumers’ schedules and eliminating barriers to programs and services when practical; promptly responding to consumer inquiries; and providing accurate descriptions of requirements, benefits, risks, and limitations associated with each program and service.
  1. INFORM EFFECTIVE SERVICE DELIVERY by participating actively in meetings and supervisory sessions.
  1. CONTRIBUTE TO ORGANIZATIONAL SUSTAINABILITY by referring potential partners and other resources to the organization (e.g., volunteer employers); assisting with recruitment of children and volunteers; filling staffing vacancies and demonstrating task flexibility during high-volume times; and contributing through time and effort to fundraising initiatives and other organizational events.


Core Competencies: As an employee of the organization, an excellent candidate will exemplify… 

  1. COMMITMENT TO MISSION / VISION by consistently sharing the organization’s message in a positive, accurate, and compelling manner; representing the organization positively in the community; prioritizing child safety and youth outcomes; advocating for youth mentoring programs; and demonstrating loyalty to the brand.
  1. CUSTOMER SERVICE by being friendly and respectful; communicating accurately about who we are, what we do, who we serve, and what we need; promptly meeting consumer’s needs and responding to their requests within reason; and referring consumers to quality alternative resources when the organization is unable to help.
  1. PROFESSIONALISM by complying with all organizational rules, regulations, and protocols; maintaining appropriate appearance and demeanor; and treating co-workers and consumers with integrity and respect.
  1. COMMUNICATION by interacting clearly and respectfully through all mediums of communication with all appropriate parties; engaging consistently in active listening; and contributing positively to a well-informed staff and transparent work environment.
  1. TEAMWORK / COLLABORATION by sharing ideas and accepting feedback from others across job positions and departments; working positively and effectively to develop and maintain external relationships; and working together with co-workers and consumers to ensure child safety and promote positive youth outcomes.
  1. QUALITY OF WORK by delivering high-quality results in a timely manner and asking for help and/or feedback when an assignment falls outside an area of strength or comfort.
  1. CROSS-CULTURAL COMPETENCY by seeking to understand contributors to unfamiliar attitudes and behaviors; working effectively across cultural, social, economic, and other potentially uncomfortable boundaries; and avoiding judgments against co-workers, consumers, or community partners.
  1. INITIATIVE by voluntarily acting outside the job description to meet consumer’s needs, assist co-workers, or otherwise advance the organization’s mission.

The intent of this job description is to provide a representative summary of the major duties and responsibilities performed by incumbents in this position.

Incumbents may be requested to perform job-related tasks other than those specifically presented in this description.

Please send a cover letter and resume to [email protected].

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