Job Openings

Position Title: mentor2.0 Program Coordinator 

Department: mentor2.0 Program 

Reports to: Program Manager-mentor2.0

Exempt Status: Full-time Exempt 

Location: East Liberty Office 

Supervises: N/A

Schedule: 37.5 hours per week which requires Tuesday evenings (schedule is flexible, requires some early morning, evening, and weekend availability) 

Position Summary: The Program Coordinator will support service delivery across the mentor2.0 program. Mentor 2.0 is designed to empower high school students from low-income communities to graduate and succeed in their post-secondary ambitions. The candidate will maintain strong relationships with school personnel, lead weekly classroom sessions and monthly group events, coordinate program logistics, recruit volunteer mentors, and match children (mentees) and adults (mentors).  The Program Coordinator will monitor mentor-mentee interactions and facilitate healthy relationship development. This position’s ultimate goal is to continue the high quality, high impact one-to-one mentoring relationships that support a cohort of underserved students through high school graduation. Requires travel to a local high school.

Qualifications: EDUCATION –Bachelor’s degree in education is required. EXPERIENCE –Urban classroom teaching experience is preferred. Experience assessing and developing relationships with youth and adults. KNOWLEDGE & SKILLS – Understanding of child development in a multicultural context; Ability to sustain positive relationships with children and adults and execute the following support skills: guide, support, confront, advise, and negotiate. TECHNICAL COMPETENCIES – Proficiency in Microsoft Office; Excellent written and oral communication skills reflecting strong customer service. OTHER – Valid driver’s license, reliable vehicle, and current vehicle insurance meeting State requirements. Criminal History, Child Abuse, and FBI clearances will be processed.

Key Responsibilities: An effective candidate in this position will… 

  1. ENSURE CHILD SAFETY by utilizing the enrollment process to screen program participants; supervising location-specific mentoring programs in collaboration with external personnel; maintaining regular correspondence with all program participants; producing thorough and objective written reports of each contact; identifying and addressing “red flags” of unsafe or unhealthy situations; practicing high-level proficiency in interpreting and applying program policies and procedures; and immediately reporting concerns to supervisor.
  1. RECRUIT PROGRAM PARTICIPANTS by implementing outreach strategies to recruit children and volunteers; providing accurate descriptions of programs and services; and conveying realistic expectations for participation.
  1. MEET CHILD NEEDS by interviewing prospective child enrollees; soliciting background information from teachers, counselors, and other sources when feasible and appropriate; developing meaningful outcome objectives based on thorough written assessments; making a target number of matches; and referring children to the Community-based Program or external organizations for more suitable services as appropriate.
  1. SCREEN AND TRAIN VOLUNTEERS by interviewing candidates; reviewing and following up on references and clearances; compiling background information through internet and BBBS nationwide network searches; developing written assessments based on all available information; making informed eligibility determinations; and leading individual and group volunteer training sessions.
  1. PLAN AND FACILITATE PROGRAMS by designing and implementing curriculum; developing and presenting structured activities that promote individual and group interactions as well as agency affiliation; and maintaining ongoing communications with volunteers, guidance counselors, and other affiliated personnel regarding program logistics.
  1. ASSESS AND MONITOR RELATIONSHIP HEALTH by making a target percentage of monthly Match Support contacts; administering the Strength of Relationship survey to a target percentage of participants; and reviewing program metrics, including Children Served, Average Match Length, and 12-Month Retention Rate.
  1. PROMOTE STRONG, HEALTHY RELATIONSHIPS by developing interventions to strengthen mentoring relationships; providing guidance and support to participants; and assessing volunteer’s needs as mentors.
  1. PROMOTE POSITIVE YOUTH DEVELOPMENT OUTCOMES by developing and implementing match activities and other interventions to address student and school needs; administering surveys to a target percentage of students; and assessing student progress using school data (e.g., grades, attendance).
  1. INFORM EFFECTIVE SERVICE DELIVERY by conducting “exit interviews” with departing volunteers; and participating actively in all staff meetings, trainings, and supervisory sessions.
  1. SUSTAIN EFFECTIVE SERVICE DELIVERY by referring potential partners and other resources to the organization; and contributing to fundraising efforts and other organizational events through time and effort.
  1. ACKNOWLEDGE AND CULTIVATE VOLUNTEERS by submitting nominations for awards and honors; and engaging them in raising funds, recruiting new volunteers, identifying resources, and marketing the agency.

Core Competencies: Effective employees of this nonprofit organization exemplify the following characteristics… 

  1. COMMITMENT TO MISSION / VISION by consistently sharing the organization’s message in a positive, accurate, and compelling manner; representing the organization positively in the community; prioritizing child safety and youth outcomes; advocating for youth mentoring programs; and demonstrating loyalty to the brand.
  1. CUSTOMER SERVICE by being friendly and respectful; communicating accurately about who we are, what we do, who we serve, and what we need; promptly meeting consumer’s needs and responding to their requests within reason; and referring consumers to quality alternative resources when the organization is unable to help.
  1. PROFESSIONALISM by complying with all organizational rules, regulations, and protocols; maintaining appropriate appearance and demeanor; and treating co-workers and consumers with integrity and respect.
  1. COMMUNICATION by interacting clearly and respectfully through all mediums of communication with all appropriate parties; engaging consistently in active listening; and contributing positively to a well-informed staff and transparent work environment.
  1. TEAMWORK / COLLABORATION by sharing ideas and accepting feedback from others across job positions and departments; working positively and effectively to develop and maintain external relationships; and working together with co-workers and consumers to ensure child safety and promote positive youth outcomes.
  1. QUALITY OF WORK by delivering high-quality results in a timely manner and asking for help and/or feedback when an assignment falls outside an area of strength or comfort.
  1. CROSS-CULTURAL COMPETENCY by seeking to understand contributors to unfamiliar attitudes and behaviors; working effectively across cultural, social, economic, and other potentially uncomfortable boundaries; and avoiding judgments against co-workers, consumers, or community partners.
  1. INITIATIVE by voluntarily acting outside the job description to meet consumer’s needs, assist co-workers, or otherwise advance the organization’s mission.

The intent of this job description is to provide a representative summary of the major duties and responsibilities performed by incumbents in this position. Incumbents may be requested to perform job-related tasks other than those specifically presented in this description.

Please send cover letter and resume to Maggie Giel at