What’s Important to YOU?

Thoughts from Jenny Altman – Associate Vice President, Digital Web Experience at ‎PNC

Mentoring young women matters to me. I grew up with the privilege of being raised by a strong, independent woman who guided me every step of the way in becoming the person I am today. Many young people don’t have that same privilege.

The graduation rates in Pittsburgh Public Schools is not promising, and yet, we have intelligent and inspired kids in these classes that just need a little extra push that they may not be getting from familial support, to ensure they graduate and consider futures for themselves after high school.

I’m a big with Big Brothers Big Sisters and my mentee Leah and I have been paired for 3+ years. When I first met Leah, she was timid, shy, and distrusting of authority figures. The young woman I see before me now is a confident extrovert who is becoming a clear communicator, has built meaningful relationships built on trust and respect… and knows what she wants in life.

I’m currently helping Leah with SAT prep, college applications, financial aid and grant applications to help her get what she needs to go to college and become a nurse. She has her eye on the prize and I have no doubt she will get there!